The rare red Xinomavro


Xinomavro is the main and noblest indigenous red grape variety of northern Greece. Its name reveals its basic features: high in acidity (Xino-, sour), deep, black in colour (-mavro, black), with powerful tannins. This combination of high acidity and phenolic richness [phenols] results in wines with the possibility to age for many years, sometimes decades.

Wines made from Xinomavro have a complex and unique aromatic character, composed of fruity and vegetal aromas of tomato and olive. It is thanks to this particular and powerful character that Xinomavro has acquired a steadily increasing number of dedicated friends, [in Greece and abroad].

The present

Xinomavro is not only a Greek grape variety with a very promising future, it also has roots that go deep into the past. In the long course of its history, it has given wines with an unstable colour, high in acidity, powerful and often harsh tannins, with a pronounced vegetal character. Recently, a new, modern expression of Xinomavro has occurred, thanks to the progress in cultivation and winemaking, and taking into account the taste of the modern consumer in an effort to create more Xinomavro devotees. The modern style wines are deeper in colour, softer in tannins, higher in alcohol, more aromatic, with a character which is more fruity than vegetal. [Old vs new Kir-Yianni Xinomavro]

The future

Xinomavro is difficult to cultivate and hard to tame in the cellar, a clear challenge for the winemaker. In a constant effort to improve the quality of our wines, Kir-Yianni Estate is among the pioneers in the research and development of new cultivation and winemaking techniques in Greece, enhancing the family tradition with some of the most modern methods: [clonal selection], strict grape selection in the vineyard and in the cellar, various [planting] and [training systems], and skin contact are only a few of them. Our goal is to make outstanding wines from Xinomavro. [Balancing between tradition and innovation]

Xinomavro and the Boutaris family

For over a century, the name of the Boutaris family is connected with quality Greek wine, and especially with quality Greek wine made from Xinomavro, the noblest Greek red-grape variety. Building on tradition while seeking innovation, we produce wines believing that the future of the Greek vineyard is closely related to the noble indigenous grape varieties like Xinomavro. 


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                    The crus of Naoussa

                    Pruning young Xinomavro vines

                    Τhe most recently planted vineyard at Kir-Yianni Estate





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