The company

The KIR-YIANNI company was founded in 1997 by Yiannis Boutaris. Based in Naoussa and Amyndeon, on both sides of mount Vermion in Northwestern Greece, the winery carries on a long history of family tradition, focusing on the production of premium wines with authentic character, and appealing to the modern consumers. 

Today, the Kir-Yianni team, under the direction of Stellios Boutaris, son of Yiannis, prepares with vision the next step of the Estate’s evolutionary course, building on the core pillars of the company’s philosophy: innovation, respect to tradition and specialized knowledge on wine, from the vineyard to the final consumer. 

Our philosophy

The activities of the Kir-Yianni Estate are entirely based on the principles of integrated farming. This is a management decision based on a concern to protect the environment as a valuable component of a civilization that is now under threat. Moreover, the integrated farming can, at the same time, ensure the production of high-quality products in the Estate. This practice was applied for the first time in 2004, with a certification by the Organization of certification and Supervision of Agricultural Products AGROCERT, and is still used today. 

Selection is the keyword: Each part of the vineyard at Kir-Yianni estate is harvested separately, two or three times, based on phenolic ripeness. The grapes are then brought to the sorting table, for the final selection. After 2009, a second sorting table was added after the destemming, for a berry by berry selection. A similar selection process takes place during wine-making and ageing, in order to ensure that only the best is bottled. Kir-Yianni is in constant experimentation regarding the quality and type of oak (origin, capacity, burning, size of pores) used in the barrels. The main aim is always the creation of wines of a special character: Rich but refined aroma, acidity to provide body and ageing potential, perfect balance in the mouth and ease of combination with various dishes constitute the distinct style of Kir-Yianni wines, which makes them truly appealing for the modern consumer.

Research programs

After continuous research of more than 15 years on clonal selection of Xinomavro, under the guidance of Haroula Spinthiropoulou, a pioneer agronomist and viticulture specialist, in the new phase of the Kir-Yianni Estate, emphasis is put on planting specific clones in specific vineyards and on using new cultivation methods. The following programs are developed: “Influence of the use of different rootstocks in Amyndeon on the quality of Xinomavro”, “Influence of the use of three different trellis systems (lyre, one-sided Guyot, two-sided Royat) on the quality of Xinomavro”, “Influence of dense planting (1Χ1 και 1,5Χ1) on the agronomic and wine qualities of Xinomavro”, “Study on the compounds determining the aromatic potential of Xinomavro”. 

In addition to the research programs relating to Xinomavro, the Kir-Yianni Estate, in collaboration with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, develops a program concerning plant protection (“Impact of germination inhibitors, nitrogen fertilization and irrigation on the quality features of the various varieties”), of a total amount of 350,000 €, and, in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical School of Athens, a program concerning the treatment of winemaking wastes, of a total amount of 500,000 €.


Kir-Yianni has expanded its privately owned vineyards by buying 8.8 ha in Naoussa and 10 ha in Amyndeon, which have already been planted. Within the next years, 25 more hectares will be bought. 

Moreover, the winery implements a three-year program (2009-2012), in the framework of the National Development Law of the 4th Community Support Framework, for the modernization and expansion of the winery in Yianakohori, Naoussa. The investment, which is already half completed, and amounts to a total of 2 m. €, will include the creation of a new cellar having a capacity of 1800 barrels, and of a new storage room, the renovation of the mechanical equipment and the building of new visiting facilities. Another program, of a total amount of 300,000 €, is scheduled for the upgrading of the mechanical equipment of the Amyndeon winery, within the National Strategic Reference Framework. 

In July 2009, Kir-Yianni bought-out 42% of Sigalas Winery, one of the most important wineries of Santorini. At the core of this strategic decision there is Assyrtiko and the common vision that the two companies share for development in foreign markets through the promotion of the Greek varieties. Sigalas Winery is considered as one of the most important representatives of Assyrtiko, while this white variety shares many common features with Xinomavro, in which Kir-Yianni is a “specialist”: two noble Greek varieties, with great ageing potential and unique character, highly appreciated by connoisseurs and exigent consumers. The participation of Kir-Yianni in Sigalas Winery aims at the common exploitation of the know-how of the two companies and at the development of common actions for further promoting and establishing these two varieties in the international market. 

Moreover, Kir-Yianni, recognizing the dynamic opportunities of China, the world’s most rapidly growing wine market, has made a strategic opening in this country, by creating Oenos Partners, a company directed by Mihalis Boutaris. This initiative is based on the collaboration with Mogao, a Chinese company listed in the Shanghai stock exchange, whose activities are related to the production of wines and agricultural products, and includes: exporting Greek wines, creating a new brand of Chinese wine and a model vineyard and winery of international standards. This venture is based on Greek know-how, but aims at combining the efforts of many nationalities taking into account their various excellences. This effort will show its first results in the beginning of 2011, when the first label of MOEN brand will be launched in the market. 

Starategy - Goals 

"Good wines are made in the winery and great wines are made in the vineyard" says Stellios Boutaris, who believes that during the next five years, Kir-Yianni will reach its true potential, through the use of the grapes from its new vineyards, and the know-how acquired during many years of research on the vine and the wine (Naoussa is the only Greek wine area where an extensive clonal selection programme has been performed). "Our vision is to upkeep the potential of the Greek vineyard in general, and the Macedonian vineyard in particular, and to establish ourselves in the international map of wine-making. Our principle in Kir-Yianni is that innovation builds tradition! Emphasis on indigenous grape varieties, modern wine-making methods, a professional approach and consumer-friendly wines, are the foundations to build and reach our goals" says Stellios Boutaris.

Under this perspective, the new generation of Kir-Yianni wines based on Xinomavro, which is already in the process of being prepared, is expected to leverage future development and contribute to the strengthening of the winery’s position on the international level.


In the Kir-Yianni Estate in Naoussa the following red wines with ageing potential are produced: Ramnista, Kir-Yianni Estate, Dyo Elies, Diaporos and Blue Fox.

In the Kir-Yanni Estate in Amyndeon, the following wines are produced: Tesseris Limnes, Samaropetra, Petra, Akakies, Paranga

New products: In September 2010 we launched white Paranga in the Greek market, which was already in circulation in the international market under the name Petra, while we expect soon the little sister of Akakies, the sparkling rosé Akakies; AOC Amyndeon (the only AOC in Greece that produces rosé sparkling wine). 

Within the next few years, three new products are expected, one of which will be a “new generation” Xinomavro, a result of the long-time research that is conducted in our Estate about this specific variety and its clonal selection.