Our vineyard sends out signs of a good vintage

The 2015 vintage shows positive signs so far. During these first months, conditions have been favorable both for the normal growth and the good health of the grapes. Actually, there is minimal stress from diseases, a fact that will contribute to the production of grapes of good quality, if the same conditions continue.


Feature Vintage

Kali Riza

Droumo 2014

My father planted in 1990 the first vineyard of Sauvignon Blanc in the area of Amyndeon. The idea was that white grapes would be tested for their results in this cold area, where the main grape variety, the red Xinomavro, was not able to ripen well every year depending on the conditions. Along with the Greek Roditis, he also planted as an experiment some international varieties. The Sauvignon Blanc from the vineyard of Droumo was released as a single varietal wine in the early 2000s. After a while it became one of the components of the Samaropetra blend, undoubtedly the best. When we were able to add in Samaropetra the wine of other selected vineyards as well, it was time for Droumo to continue its journey as a single varietal wine in a limited number of bottles. In any case, our experiment was already a success.


Stellios Boutaris