Kir-Yianni Wine Bar: a new destination for Greek wine

On October 30, 2014, the Athens International Airport welcomed KIR-YIANNI Wine Bar, a place featuring the wines of KIR-YIANNI, one of the leading winemakers of Greece. Along with selected dishes and with the aim of adding more Greek wineries to its list in the future, Kir-Yianni Wine Bar will be offering a taste of the Greek wine scene to travelers from all over the world.


Feature Vintage

Kali Riza

Dyo Elies 2010

During my first years in the Estate, when we planned to create a new wine, the tastings and the selection of the components of the blend would be carried out by me, our oenologist, first Dimitris and now Antonis, and of course Damos, the heart and soul of the Estate. However, the final tasting and the confirmation that the wine was ready to be bottled for the market would be made by my father. This was also the case with our new blend of Syrah, Merlot and Xinomavro. However, at that time my father could not find the time to come by the Estate for the tasting. The days passed and because it was time that the wine was ready, my father trusted me to have the final say. When he finally tasted it, instead of any other answer, he gave me a kiss, a sign that he approved not only the blend but also of me. As simply as that, Dyo Elies became the first wine that I launched in the market.

Stellios Boutaris

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