2015 vintage: a very good year, almost a great one

Mild weather conditions and low levels of humidity until the end of summer created high expectations about the quality of this year's vintage. However, the unusual weather of September, with high temperatures in the beginning and a lot of rain during the second half, disturbed the smooth development of the grapes. The early ripening red and white varieties reached very high levels of quality. As for Xinomavro, even though 2015 is not the great year that we all have been expecting, the first samples show that it is going to offer beautiful wines with intense fruity aromas and a soft mouthfeel.


Feature Vintage

Kali Riza

Akakies Sparkling 2014

The road leading from the town of Amyndeon to the small village of Agios Panteleimon, where the vineyards and the winery of Kir-Yianni are located, is planted on both sides with acacia trees (in Greek ‘akakies’). Thanks to the color of their flowers, these trees have insipered the name of the rosé wine of the Estate from Xinomavro grapes sourced from the area of Amyndeon. When, after some years the first sparkling of Kir-Yianni, with the same bright pink color, was created, the name existed already. Akakies Sparkling was born.

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